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Professional Biometric Installers - GautengProfessional Biometric Installers - Gauteng
4-Door Controller - RFID Proximity
2-Door Controller - RFID Proximity
Sigma MA Extreme Multi - Outdoor reader
Sigma MA Multi - Fingerprint & Card
Sigma MA Bio - Fingerprint
Sigma Lite Bio No Screen - Fingerprint
Sigma Lite+ Bio with Screen - Fingerprint
ZK F18 BIOMETRIC Access Control Terminal
ZK-S922 Wifi Fingerprint reader
ZK-IN01 - (Fingerprint. PIN, Card)
SF100 Fingerprint Reader
SF200 Fingerprint ReaderSF200 Fingerprint Reader
MA300 ZK Outdoor Fingerprint reader
Refurbished Suprema Biostation ReaderRefurbished Suprema Biostation Reader
F16 (Fingerprint & Card Device)
BioStation L2 (Fingerprint. PIN, Card)BioStation L2 (Fingerprint. PIN, Card)

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