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Professional Installers Guard Monitoring systemProfessional Installers Guard Monitoring system
Tagtough Baton
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Suga Blu Baton & ChargerSuga Blu Baton & Charger
Suga Blu Baton & Charger
R 11,980 R 12,609.88
Save R 311.99
Mini Rock Batton
Mini Rock Batton
R 5,932 R 6,243.99
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Magtouch - ID Button and Holder
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Mag Express Unit
Mag Express Unit
R 13,269 R 13,967.70
Tagtouch Starter Kit
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Suga Blu Online Starter KitUsed as part of the Suga Blu monitoring system, guards patrol with the Suga Blu baton and clock unique ID points that have been set up along their patrol route. Clocking data is automatically sent to the server after each clocking or when the baton is within network coverage. NO DOWNLOADING IS REQUIRED. Baton data is available immediately for viewing or downloading from a standard web browser without having to install complicated programs or drivers. Batons are interchangeable between sites with no limit to
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Magtouch Express Online Starter Kit
Save R 449
Magtouch Desktop Starter Kit
Save R 254.70
Magtouch Baton
Magtouch Baton
R 4,849 R 5,103.70
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Fob TagsFob Tags
Fob Tags
R 124 R 134
Save R 1,344.88
Doc Pro Uploader
Doc Pro Uploader
R 2,210 R 3,554.88
Save R 9.85
Branded Pouch
Branded Pouch
R 196 R 205.85

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